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"The experience that we have of our lives from within, the story we tell ourselves about ourselves in order to account for what we are doing, is fundamentally a lie-the truth lies outside, in what we do." 

Slavoj Žižek, Violence 47

Those — dying the,

Knew where they went —

They went to God’s Right Hand —

That Hand is amputated now

And God cannot be found —

The abdication of Belief

Makes the Behavior small —

Better an ignis fattus

Than no illume at all —

Emily Dickinson, #1581

…If one day our word
Comes so close to the bark of trees in the forest,
And to orange blossoms, that they become one with them,
It will mean that we have always defended a great hope.
How should I defend it? By naming things.

Czeslaw Milosz

David Lynch: Iphone, Get Real. 

"Above all, do not lie to yourself. A man who lies to himself and listens to his own lie comes to a point where he does not discern any truth either in himself or anywhere around him, and thus falls into disrespect towards himself and others. Not respecting anyone, he ceases to love, and having no love, he gives himself up to passions and coarse pleasures, in order to occupy and amuse himself, and in his vices reaches complete bestiality and it all comes from lying continually to others and to himself."

Father Zosima from The Brother’s Karamazov 

How then can we speak of the divine names? How can we do this if the Transcendent surpasses all discourse and all knowledge, if it abides beyond the reach of mind and of being, if it encompasses and circumscribes, embraces and anticipates all thins while itself eluding their grasp and escaping from any perception, imagination, opinion, name, discourse, apprehension, or understanding? How can we enter upon this undertaking if the Godhead is superior to being and is unspeakable and unnameable?

-Pseudo-Dionysius, The Divine Names, 5.

"we often speak of the content of Scripture, all while thinking that this content is the message. It is nothing of the sort. The content is everybody who read the Bible: so, in reading it, some people “hear” it, and others don’t. All are users of the Word of God, all are its content, but only a small number of them discern its true message. The words are not the message; the message is the effect on us, and that is conversion.” 

Marshall McLuhan, Medium and the Light 104

"The Church is not a manufactured item; she is, rather the living seed of God that must be allowed to grow and ripen. This is why the Church needs the Marian mystery; this is why the Church herself is a Marian mystery. There can be fruitfulness in the Church only when she has this character, when she becomes holy soil for the Word. We must retrieve the symbol of the fruitful soil; we must once more become waiting, inwardly recollected people who in the depth of prayer, longing, and faith give the Word room to grow."

Mary: The Church at the Source' by Cardinal Ratzinger 17

"Insofar as theology is contemplation and prayer it is part of the contemplation of the thingness and the mysteries


Theology should ideally be a study of the thingness, the nature of God, since it is a form of contemplation. But insofar as it is a theoretical or intellectual construct, it is purely a game, through perhaps a very attractive game.”

Marshall McLuhan, The Medium and the Light 82