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"Instead of being completely centered on me, this new orientation of experience is partially decentered. I can no longer claim to be its centre. Its necessary to be faithful to this decent ring. This fidelity designates a kind of norm that I impose upon myself, one which consists in not abandoning this decentring, or this new subject, for reasons strictly related to my fundamental narcissism or irreducible singularity. In love, there is always, then, an element of discipline, which intersects with the trivial meaning, if I can put it this way, of the word ‘fidelity’. I have to try to go on organizing my experience in a way that is incorporated to something that is not fully measured by it alone: which is to say that I am not the sole measure of a love. This is why love cannot be reduced to the lover’s psychology. Such a reduction presumes that the lovers’ psychology would be loves measure. But love is a subject that is somewhat beyond psychology. Whence the necessity to be faithful to it, and all the more so in that it traverses storms, temptations and separations." 

Alain Badiou, Philosophy and the Event, 49

"In sexual abandonment and in denudation before the other, there is an element of proof that attests that the body, our unique reality, is well and truly taken up in the scene of the Two: it’s the proof that the body doesn’t remain set aside. Love has to incorporate desire. But desire itself is never, on the other hand, immediately connected to love; it has its own laws, which are not immediately those of love. It is one of the numerous heterogeneous things that love must be capable of integrating. It is not, then, without reason that fidelity can basically be said to be a very simple and observable modality of the discipline imposed upon desire by love."

Alain Badiou, Philosophy and the Event, 48 

"I propose that one of the possible ways of defining love is as an obstinate struggle against separation. Every love stems from separation, with this thereby haunting, constantly and in spite of everything, the process." 

- Alain Badiou, Philosophy and the Event, 47

"There is nothing to which one is more severe than the errors that one has just abandoned." 

- Goethe

Mung Ho Lee
Tree #2, 2006 From the series Tree Archival Inkjet Print 50″ × 40″

Mung Ho Lee

Tree #2, 2006 
From the series Tree 
Archival Inkjet Print 
50″ × 40″

life is uncertainty and confusion. this necessitates the virtue of patience. 

"from beneath, out of the heart, draw forth a voice, make thy prayer a mystery. Seest thou not that even in the houses of kings all tumult is put away, and great on all sides is the silence? Do thou also therefore, entering as into a palace not that on the earth — but what is far more awful than it, that which is in heaven —show forth great seemliness. 

Yea, for thou art joined to the choirs of angels, and art in communion with archangels, and art singing with the seraphim. And all these tribes show forth much goodly order, singing with great awe that mystical strain, and their sacred hymns to God, the King of all. With these then mingle thyself, when thou art praying, and emulate their mystical order.

For not unto men art thou praying, but to God, who is everywhere present, who hears even before the voice, who knows the secrets of the mind. If thou so pray, great is the reward thou shalt receive.”

- St. John Chrysostom, Homilies on the Gospel of St. Matthew